Tories and Liberals Neck and Neck in Federal Election

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Tories and Liberals Neck and Neck in Federal Election

Forum Research poll finds Tories with slight edge over Liberals

Toronto, Aug 15th, 2021 – The most recent nation-wide poll conducted by Forum Research among eligible Canadian voters shows that if the election were held today most decided / leaning voters would vote Conservative (31%), followed by Liberal (28%), NDP (19%), Green (8%), Bloc Quebecois (7%), and People’s Party of Canada (5%). 

There are significant regional differences across the country in political party support.  In the Atlantic, the gap in political support between Liberals and Conservatives is the smallest, at 33% and 28% respectively.  In Quebec, Liberals have a lead at 29%, followed by Bloc Quebecois, the Conservatives, Green Party, and NDP (27%, 16%, 13%, and 9%, respectively).

In the crucial battleground of Ontario, the Conservatives leads with 34% of voting intentions, followed by 31% for the Liberals and 18% for the NDP. In Manitoba / Saskatchewan the Conservatives enjoys a comfortable lead of 40%, followed by the NDP (24%), Liberals (20%), and Green (5%). The Conservative party also has a stronghold in Alberta (46%), followed by the NDP (24%), Liberals (17%), and Green (5%). In British Colombia, Conservatives enjoy a lead of 33%, followed by NDP with 27%, Liberals with 25%, and Green Party at 9%.

These voting intention results, if held on election day, would likely yield approximately 140 Tory seats, 126 Liberal seats, 42 NDP seats, and 26 Bloc Quebecois seats, within a range of approximately plus or minus 10 seats for each party.  These results will change as voting intentions change and are subject to the usual margins of error.