Few approve of Ontario budget

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Just one quarter approve of the Ontario budget (24%), while as many as one half disapprove (49%).

Forum Poll accurately predicts Alberta election

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Forum’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) polling methodology again proves to be a precise tool for measuring public opinion, accurately predicting that the NDP would form a majority government.

Belief in climate change eroding

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Close to 8-in-10 believe the earth’s climate is changing (78%), while just one sixth do not (15%).

4-in-10 favour abolishing monarchy

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Just fewer than 4-in-10 favour abolishing the monarchy in Canada upon the death of the Queen (39%).

Almost half have seen ads for economic action plan

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Just fewer than half recall seeing or hearing advertisements for the government’s Economic Action Plan (45%), while the majority do not recall these ads (55%).

Plurality approves of Omar Khadr’s release

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The plurality, close to half, approve of the court’s decision to free Omar Khadr (45%), while one third disapprove of this decision (33%).