Mantas & Mantas Fight for Remaining Votes

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CC image courtesy of Canadian Club Toronto:

Antonios Mantas Makes Comeback

Toronto, Oct 20th – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by The Forum Poll™ among 201 voters in Ward 22, amongst those decided and leaning, 45% support Antonios Mantas and 38% support Nick Mantas. 

“A couple of weeks ago, Nick Mantas had a decent lead,” said Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, President of Forum Research. “But now the polls are showing that Antonios Mantas has made a comeback. Nick could still get re-elected, but it will likely be a close race.” 

Tory Maintains Sizeable Lead

Tory holds a sizeable lead with 45% of support, while 35% of voters are still undecided.