Canadians Satisfied, Happy with Liberal Government After One Year

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Canadians Satisfied, Happy with Liberal Government After One Year

Most see country better off now, heading in right direction

TORONTO, October 13thIn a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 1437 Canadian voters, close to half (47%) rate the Liberal government’s first year in office as “excellent” (20%) or “good” (27%), and this is slightly down from six months ago (April, 2016 - 51%), One half (51%) now say the government has done a “fair” (32%) or “poor” job (19%).

Liberal government rated best for its handling of Foreign Affairs, worst for electoral reform

When asked to rate how well the government has done on select files, voters see Foreign Affairs as the one area where the best performance has been seen, and more than half (55%) rate it “good” (27%) or “excellent” (27%). After this comes “keeping its election promises” which receives an overall positive score of close to one half (47%), or about one sixth “excellent” (14%) and one third “good” (33%). After this comes the environment (48% overall) the economy (44% overall) and marijuana legalization (overall positive 44%). The government takes its lowest ratings for enacting “electoral reform” (30% overall positive).

Most see country heading in right direction

Close to one half of voters see Canada heading in “the right direction” (45%, and this, too, is slightly down from six months ago (April, 2016 - 48%), but well up from last summer, before the election (August, 2105 - 26%). A third see the country heading in the wrong direction (32%), and this is down from six months ago (April, 2016 - 37%) and well down from mid summer last year (August, 2015 - 50%). Just less than a fifth think the country is headed in neither right nor wrong direction (17%).

Most see country better off now than a year ago

Close to half say Canada is “better off now” than a year ago (45%), and this is very similar to levels noted in spring (April, 2016 - 48%), and much higher than they were at the beginning of 2015 (January, 2015 - 20% “better off”). About one quarter of voters see the country as being “worse off” now than a year ago (26%), and this is well down from spring (April, 2016 - 37% “worse off”). Just one quarter take the middle road and say the country is neither better nor worse off now than a year ago (26%), and these pragmatists are the oldest (32%) and New Democrats (35%).

Just under two thirds satisfied with outcome of federal election

Just less than two thirds of voters (61%) are “very satisfied” (34%) or “somewhat satisfied” (27%) with the outcome of the federal election, and levels of high satisfaction are stable since spring (May, 2016 - 36% “very satisfied”). Virtually all Liberals are satisfied (92% “very/somewhat satisfied”), as are 6-in-10 New Democrats (61%). Conservative are unsatisfied with the electoral outcome (16% “very/somewhat satisfied”).

Voters want pipelines approved

When asked which election promise the Liberal government should keep next, the plurality chose “approving a crude oil pipeline” (21%), and this is common in Alberta (59%) and among Conservatives (49%) but not especially among Liberals (22%) or New Democrats (9%). Other promises voters want to see kept are creating a new relationship with Canada’s First nations (18%), legalizing marijuana (13%), enacting electoral reform (11%) and repealing Bill C-51 (10%). Fewer see trade deals as important (8%).

Majority approve of peacekeeping mission to Africa, until danger is mentioned

The majority of voters approve of the government’s plan to send 600 peacekeeping troops to Africa (56%), and this is especially common to Liberals (68%) and New Democrats (56%) but not so much to Conservatives (41%). Three-in-ten voters disapprove of this mission (31%). Once it is mentioned, however, that the Foreign Minister has admitted Canadian peacekeepers could come under fire, only a plurality approves (44%), rather than a majority, and 4-in-10 now disapprove (39%).

“Canadians are as happy with their new government now, a year later, as they were six months ago. This doesn’t appear to be a honeymoon as much as it is the beginning of a long and stable marriage” said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff.

Lorne Bozinoff, Ph.D. is the president and founder of Forum Research. He can be reached at or at (416) 960-9603.