Healthcare The Most Pressing Issue For The Plurality

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Healthcare The Most Pressing Issue For The Plurality

Economy and Education behind

Toronto, May 17th – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by The Forum Poll™ among 1057 Nova Scotia voters, more than a quarter (27%) say that healthcare is the issue to most likely determine their upcoming vote. Well behind healthcare are the economy (17%) and education (16%).

“It’s time for a change” is the ballot issue for about 1-in-10 (11%), and the local candidate will drive (10%) of voters at the ballot box.

Another, not listed, issue (9%) and ethics in government (7%) were identified by fewer than 1-in-10.

Party loyalty was only identified by (2%) of respondents as the issue most likely to determine their vote.

Respondents most likely to identify healthcare as their primary issue include those aged (41%), females (32%), the least wealthy (31%), earning $20,000-$40,000 (34%), or $60,000-$80,000 (31%), the least educated (33%) or with some college/university (30%), living in Cape Breton (34%), and supporting the Liberals (31%) or NDP (29%).

“Healthcare is the issue that is foremost on the minds of the plurality of Nova Scotia voters. The economy and education are concerns, too. Fortunately for the government, change isn’t motivating a large proportion of voters, right now, so they can offer real policy options instead of reactive key messages,” said Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, President of Forum Research.

Lorne Bozinoff, Ph.D. is the president and founder of Forum Research. He can be reached at or at (416) 960-9603.