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Ranked ballot strongly preferred to First Past the Post

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Two thirds approve of a ranked ballot in municipal elections (64%) compared to fewer than half who approve of the current First Past the Post system (45%).

Tory headed for victory with 12 point lead

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In a final random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ two days before Toronto's mayoral election among 986 likely, decided and leaning Toronto voters and those who had voted already, well more than 4-in-10 will support John Tory for mayor (44%), while just one third will vote Doug Ford (32%) for a 12 point lead.

In Toronto Ward races, most incumbents rule

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In a series of samplings of public opinion across most of Toronto's wards taken by the Forum Poll™ in the days leading up to the municipal election among voters in each ward, it appears incumbents have the upper hand where they are running

Tory-Ford gap widens to 14 points

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More than 4-in-10 of them who are absolutely certain to vote or have voted already support John Tory for mayor (43%), in comparison to less than 3-in-10 who favour Dog Ford (29%).

Ford-Tory gap widens

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4-in-10 will vote John Tory if the city's mayoral election were held today (39%) a proportion which has stayed stable since last week (October 6 - 39%). During this period, the proportion voting Doug Ford has decreased from close to 4-in-10 (37%) to one third now (33%), and a 2 point gap has widened threefold to 6 points.

Split Opinion on Bear Hunt and Catholic School funding

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Just less than one half disagree with Catholic schools receiving public funding in the province (48%), while just fewer agree that they should continue to do so (45%). Very few do not have an opinion on this volatile issue (7%).

A Discussion on Survey Weights

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There has been much discussion over the Forum Poll’s recent Toronto mayoral poll which showed Doug Ford closing the gap on John Tory. To respond to this discussion a brief examination on the statistical methods of survey weighting is required.

Doug Ford surges, Tory falters

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Just fewer than 4-in-10 will vote for John Tory for mayor (39%) or for Doug Ford (37%) which means these two candidates are essentially tied at this sample size. This stands in stark contrast to last week's findings (Sept. 29 - Tory 43%, Ford 33%), when the candidates were 10 points apart.

John Tory stretches lead

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Among 1167 decided and leaning Toronto voters, more than 4-in-10 will vote John Tory for mayor if the municipal election were held today (43%) while one third will vote for Doug Ford (33%). One fifth will vote Olivia Chow (20%) and very few will vote for another candidate (3%).

Tory voters most motivated

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John Tory supporters are the most committed to voting in the upcoming municipal election (91% absolutely certain), compared to Chow supporters (85%) and Doug Ford voters (81%).