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Progressive Conservatives to take more than half the vote

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The Progressive Conservatives will take more than half the vote (52%), while the NDP (21%) and the Liberals (18%) will split most of the balance.

Timmie’s tops in customer satisfaction

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Tim Horton’s is seen to have the best customer satisfaction among Canada’s leading coffee shops.

Federal Liberals up, Conservatives down in latest poll

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Just more than one half will vote Liberal if the federal election were held today (51%), while just more than a quarter will vote Conservative (28%) and about one tenth will vote NDP (12%).

Canadians support Hillary Clinton in US presidential race

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One quarter say Gov. John Kasich of Ohio would make the best Republican candidate for president (24%).

Approval of assisted death ruling increases

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Three quarters support the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Carter case which made physician-assisted dying legal in Canada, as of June, 2016 (74%).

Kevin O’Leary favoured for leader among card-carrying Conservatives

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The plurality among those who chose a leader see Peter MacKay as the best leader of the Conservative Party (18%), followed by those who opt for TV personality Kevin O’Leary (14%).

4-in-10 rate new senators favourably

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Close to 4-in-10 rated the seven new senators appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau favourably (38%) and close to a fifth rated them as “excellent” (17%).

Mulcair should resign - one fifth of NDP supporters

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One third agree Tom Mulcair should step down as NDP leader (32%), while just more than this disagree (36%).

Saskatchewan Party doubles up NDP in final poll

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More than 6-in-10 will vote for the Saskatchewan Party (60.8%), while one half of this proportion will vote for the provincial NDP (30.1%).

Canadians pessimistic about economy, concerned about financial security

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Fewer than one quarter expect the economy to improve this year (24%), while the plurality, one third, expect it to get worse (33%).