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Canadians split on support for Israel, Palestine

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There is an even split of opinion on whether respondents lean towards the Israeli side (17%) or the Palestinian side (16%) in the current mid-east controversy.

One-in-seven may be alcoholic

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One twentieth admit to being alcoholics (4%), while a further one tenth prefer not to answer (11%) for a total of about one seventh who may be considered to have a drinking problem.

Peter MacKay seen as best successor to PM

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A public opinion poll that shows McKay is seen as the best candidate for Conservative leadership, across Canada.

Canadian military most trusted institution

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A public opinion poll of the trust in various offices and institutions in Canada.

Quebec City continues to be first choice for next Canadian NHL team

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In a nationwide poll, Canadians would prefer the next NHL team be located out of Quebec City.

Liberal lead shrinks, NDP rise

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More than one third (36%) will vote Liberal if the election were held today, compared to 3-in-10 who will vote Conservative (30%).

Liberals lead in 2 by-elections, Conservatives in a 3rd

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In a national public opinion poll, research shows that Liberals will hold the seats in the by-elections for Trinity-Spadina and Scarborough-Agincourt ridings, while Conservatives will win the Macleod riding.

Liberals, Conservatives tied in Burlington North-Oakville

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In the new federal riding, Burlington North-Oakville, Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck, the NDPs not a factor.

Liberals maintain substantial lead over Conservatives

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4-in-10 would vote Liberal if the election were held today (39%), while 3-in-10 would vote Conservative (30%), and these findings have not changed since last month (March 29 - Liberals 39%, Conservatives - 29%).

Adam Vaughan clear leader in Trinity-Spadina

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In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 517 voters in the federal riding of Trinity-Spadina in downtown Toronto, where a by-election will be held to replace departed MP Olivia Chow, Liberal hopeful Adam Vaughan has a convincing lead over the nominated NDP candidate, Joe Cressy, but Liberal prospects Christine Tabbert and Ryan Davey do not do as well.