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Two thirds now see Canada in recession

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Two thirds say Canada is now in a recession (67%), and this is a significant increase from the 6-in-10 who said this in July (July 21 - 58%).

Support for assisted suicide increases across four years

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More than three quarters, a new high in our four years of tracking, now support physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill (77%).

NDP on track for majority government

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Fully 4-in-10 will now vote NDP in the coming election (40%), ten points ahead of the second place Liberals, with 3-in-10 votes (30%).

Wide approval for “Life Means Life”

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The majority (57%) express approval of the Conservative Party’s reintroduced “Life Means Life” legislation, which would see the most serious murderers locked away for the rest of their lives.

Two thirds want CPP contributions, benefits increased

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Less than two thirds agree Canada Pension Plan contributions and benefits should be increased (61%).

Majority disagree Harper is telling the truth on Duffy

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Two thirds insist Prime Minister Harper knew about the personal cheque paid to Senator Mike Duffy (68%).

NDP continue to lead Conservatives, Liberals

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More than a third will vote NDP in the coming federal election (34%), while just fewer than 3-in-10 will vote Conservative (29%) or Liberal (28%).

Support for marijuana legalization steady at more than half

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The majority favour the legalization of marijuana (53%).

Trudeau seen as debate winner by slight margin

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Two thirds watched or heard some of the federal leaders’ debate on August 6 (66%).

Two thirds see UCCB as election ploy only

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