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Two thirds “extremely/very” happy with life

| Filed under: Ontario

Two thirds (63%) say they are extremely (28%) or very happy (35%) with their lives, while a further one quarter say they are happy (27%).

One half approve of photo radar

| Filed under: Toronto

One half approves of photo radar (49%), while one third disapproves (34%).

Most Canadians disagree with Trump

| Filed under: National

Two thirds disapprove of US presidential contender Donald Trump in total (68%).

Majority favours reducing council size

| Filed under: Toronto

Majority favour the idea of reducing the size of City Council to 22 wards and councillors to correspond with provincial riding boundaries (52%).

Uber use continues to climb; satisfaction high

| Filed under: Toronto

Close to 3-in-10 have used the Uber mobile ride sharing app (28%).

One half agree Wynne is involved in e-mail scandal

| Filed under: Ontario

One half agree Premier Kathleen Wynne had a role in erasing the gas plant e-mails (49%).

High approval for Watson, very high approval for Bordeleau

| Filed under: Ontario

Three quarters approve of the job Jim Watson is doing as mayor (73%).

Majority approve of legal marijuana

| Filed under: Ontario, Social Issues

Close to 6-in-10 approve of legalized marijuana or cannabis (56%) and this is similar to national rates of approval noted recently (November 4, national sample - 59%).

Thirteen Myths Concerning the 2015 Federal Election

| Filed under: National

This presentation regarding the thirteen myths concerning the 2015 federal election was presented by Dr. Lorne Bozinoff at the MRIA Ottawa Chapter on November 26, 2015

Trudeau's approval remains high

| Filed under: National

Close to half would vote for the Liberals if an election were held today (46%).