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One half of Canadians would vote for Liberals

| Filed under: National

Fully one half would vote Liberal if an election were held today (49%).

One half approve of Mideast mission reset

| Filed under: National, Social Issues

One half approve of the change in Canada’s mission in the Mideast from bombing to training foreign fighters (48%).

One half approve of 3 years of deficit spending

| Filed under: National, Social Issues

Close to one half approve of the Liberal government’s original plan to go into deficit for three years before balancing the budget in the final year of their mandate (48%).

Strong majority favour assisted dying ruling

| Filed under: National, Social Issues

As many as 7-in-10 approve of the Supreme Court ruling making assisted dying legal (70%).

Sharp increase in those favouring minimum income

| Filed under: National, Social Issues

More than a third favour the introduction of a guaranteed annual minimum income to replace other state supports like social assistance, unemployment and pensions (36%).

Sharp erosion in public trust in police

| Filed under: Toronto

Close to 4-in-10 have less trust in Toronto's police officers now than they did a year ago (37%).

Tory approval remains high

| Filed under: Toronto

Fully three quarters approve of the job John Tory is doing as mayor (73%).

Forcillo had a fair trial: two thirds

| Filed under: Toronto

Fully two thirds agree James Forcillo has been able to get a fair trial (67%).

Majority approves of Forcillo guilty verdict

| Filed under: Toronto

The majority (54%) approve of the verdict of guilty of attempted murder handed down by the jury in the James Forcillo trial.

Two thirds approve of murder charges for Forcillo

| Filed under: Toronto

Two thirds approve of charging Constable James Forcillo with murder in the shooting death of Sammy Yatim (66%).