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Strong majority thinks TDSB does a poor job running schools

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Fully 6-in-10 do not think the TDSB does a good job of running Toronto’s schools (61%), while fewer than one fifth think a good job is being done (19%).

Mixed reviews on Carlyle firing

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Exactly equal proportions of those who said they were NHL fans approved or disapproved (39% each) of Maple Leafs coach Randy Carlyle being fired, while just fewer than one quarter had no opinion (22%).

30 stop LRT network preferred to 4 stop Scarborough subway

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Respondents were presented with the proposition that the $3 billion plus dollars required to build a four stop Scarborough subway could also be used to build a 30 stop LRT network covering the entire municipality and were asked their preference.

Tory’s approval remains high

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As many as two thirds approved of the job John Tory is doing as mayor (67%).

High approval for Chief Blair as he exits

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6-in-10 approve of Toronto’s outgoing police chief, Bill Blair (61%), and the majority (56%) say he was either ‘one of the best” (18%) or a “good police chief” (38%).

Liberals and NDP remain tied in Sudbury

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Equal proportions, about a third or just less, will vote for the Liberal candidate (formerly NDP MP) Glenn Thibeault (33%) or the NDP candidate, Suzanne Shawbonquit (30%).

Clear majority want Fennell charged with municipal fraud

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Fully 7-in-10 agree former Mayor Susan Fennell should be charged with municipal fraud for her part in the city hall spending scandal (70%).

High approval for Crombie as mayor

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Close to three quarters approve of the job Bonnie Crombie is doing as mayor (72%) and this puts her close to Hazel McCallion levels of approval.

More than half want prostitution legalized

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More than half believe prostitution should be legal for sex trade workers and their clients (54%).

Liberals and NDP tied in Sudbury

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Relatively equal proportions of voters, about 4-in-10, will vote either for the Liberal candidate, Glenn Thibeault (40%) or the NDP candidate, Suzanne Sawbonquit (42%).