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Twice as many say Merry Christmas as say Happy Holidays

| Filed under: Toronto

6-in-10 use the seasonal greeting "Merry Christmas" most often (60%), compared to just 3-in-10 who use "Happy Holidays" (29%).

One half rate The Beer Store highly

| Filed under: Ontario

One half approve of The Beer Store (TBS), the foreign-owned quasi-monopolistic retailer of beer in Ontario (50%), while just 3-in-10 disapprove (31%).

Wealthy neighbourhoods getting wealthier

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One third say they live in a neighbour hood which is getting wealthier (32%), while fewer, one fifth, say their neighbourhood is getting poorer (20%).

Wide majority see UPX as too costly to ride

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Close to 7-in-10 say the Union-Pearson Express or UPX is too expensive at $27 one way or $19 with a Presto Card (69%), while fewer than a quarter see it as being priced correctly (23%).

4-in-10 in Toronto are hockey fans

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Just more than 4-in-10 are NHL hockey fans (42%), and this is 11 points less than the proportion which says this nationally (53%).

Tory's approval as mayor is sky high

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Fully three quarters approve of the job John Tory is doing as mayor (74%), and this is the highest mayoral approval we have measured, surpassing Rob Ford's rating of 60% just after the 2010 mayoral election.

Just half satisfied with Canadian democracy

| Filed under: National

Just more than half said they were satisfied with how democracy works in Canada (56%), and just one seventh are "very satisfied" (16%).

One in seven use electronic cigarettes

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1-in-7 had ever used an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette (15%).

Federal Liberal vote up sharply

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More than 4-in-10 will now vote Liberal (41%) if the election were held today, up sharply from just more than a third, (36%) in November. In the meantime, the Conservative vote share, one third, has not changed (33% in November and now).

As many as 3-in-10 women may have been raped

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Close to one fifth of women have been sexually assaulted or raped (17%), and a further one eighth decline to answer the question (12%), for a total of 3-in-10 women who may have been raped (29%).