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One half approve of sex ed curriculum; one third do not

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In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 996 Ontario voters, one half approve of the province’s new sex education curriculum (49%) while one third disapprove (34%).

Downtown Relief Line seen as first transit priority

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Close to 3-in-10 say the downtown relief line (DRL) is the city’s most urgent transit priority out of 6 presented, and it is followed by the Scarborough subway (19%), the Eglinton Crosstown (12%) and the SmartTrack rail transit network (11%).

Tory leads Ford by 20 points in approval, for best mayor

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Mayor John Tory’s approval remains very high, and stable (January 25 - 67%, February 21 - 65%) and his approval as mayor currently exceeds Rob Ford’s approval as councillor by 20 points (Tory - 65%, Ford - 45%).

Bill Blair knocks off Dan Harris in Scarborough Southwest if he runs as a Liberal

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Almost 4-in-10 will vote for Bill Blair, Toronto’s soon-to-be-former police chief, if he runs as a Liberal in a federal election held today (39%).

Eve Adams bested by Joe Oliver in Eglinton-Lawrence

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One half will vote for the incumbent, Conservative MP Joe Oliver (49%) over new Liberal recruit Eve Adams (28%) if a federal election were held in the riding today.

Federal Liberals with healthy lead

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Almost 4-in-10 will vote Liberal if the election were held today (39%) compared to just less than a third who will vote Conservative (32%).

Three quarters approve of Supreme Court ruling on assisted death

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More than three quarters approve of the ruling (78%) and as many as 6-in-10 approve “strongly” (60%).

Liberal-Conservative tie persists in Ontario

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Equal proportions, just more than a third each, will vote for the Liberals (37%) or the Progressive Conservatives (36%) if a provincial election were held today.

Just one third approve of carbon pricing in Ontario

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One half disapprove of Premier Wynne’s proposal to price carbon in Ontario (48%), while just one third approve (33%).

Liberals and NDP remain tied in Sudbury

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Equal proportions, about one third of voters, favour either the Liberal candidate (one-time NDP MP) Glenn Thibeault (33%) or NDP candidate Suzanne Shawbonquit (36%).