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4-in-10 favour abolishing monarchy

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Just fewer than 4-in-10 favour abolishing the monarchy in Canada upon the death of the Queen (39%).

Almost half have seen ads for economic action plan

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Just fewer than half recall seeing or hearing advertisements for the government’s Economic Action Plan (45%), while the majority do not recall these ads (55%).

Plurality approves of Omar Khadr’s release

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The plurality, close to half, approve of the court’s decision to free Omar Khadr (45%), while one third disapprove of this decision (33%).

Dead heat!

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Almost exactly equal proportions, 3-in-10, will vote Conservative (31%), Liberal (31%) or NDP (30%) if the federal election were held today.

Brown’s victory vaults NDP into lead in Ontario

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More than a third (36%) will vote NDP if a provincial election were held today, while one third would vote PC (33%).

One third ride bikes in the city

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Just one third ride a bicycle in the city (32%) and, of these, just 4-in-10 commute to work or school (44%) for a total of about one seventh of Toronto voters who commute to work or school by bicycle (14%).

John Tory maintains sky-high approval rating

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More than 7-in-10 approved of the job John Tory was doing as mayor (72%), and this is comparable to his approval ratings from last month (April 11 - 71%)

Building new link to DVP is preferred option for Gardiner

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The plurality, more than one third, want the Gardiner Expressway east of Jarvis Street removed and a new link built to the Don Valley Parkway (36%), while fewer than this, just more than a quarter, opt for removal and replacement by a street level boulevard (28%).

Bill Blair leads in Scarborough Southwest

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Former Toronto police chief Bill Blair leads the NDP incumbent, Dan Harris, by 8 points (42% to 34%).

Large majority opposed to carding

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6-in-10 oppose the practice of “carding” (60%), and just fewer than half this proportion support it (29%).