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Populace Split On Chief Saunders’ First Year

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Four-in-ten voters give the chief a positive job rating (excellent/good - 40%) and an equal proportion give him a negative job rating (fair/poor - 40%).

Canadians Much More Positive About Country Than Last Year

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Fully one half now say the country is moving in “the right direction” (48%), compared to just one quarter who took that position last summer (August 2015 - 26%), and one third in January of that year (January, 2015 - 32%).

Kevin O’Leary Still Preferred by Conservatives for Leader

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Those who will vote Conservative if an election were held today are most likely to select reality TV star Kevin O’Leary as the best choice for party leader (27%), followed closely by former serial cabinet minister Peter MacKay (23%). Somewhat fewer opt for current interim leader Rona Ambrose (16%).

Federal Liberals With Over Half the Vote

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Over half would vote Liberal if an election were held today (52%), while just less than 3-in-10 will vote Conservative (29%). The NDP have just one tenth of the vote (11%), while few will vote Green (3%), Bloc Quebecois (4%) or any other party (1%).

PC lead shrinks further in Ontario

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Just fewer than 4-in-10 will vote for the Progressive Conservatives (39%).

6-in-10 approve of legal pot

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Just shy of 6-in-10 approve of legalized marijuana (56%), while just more than a third disapprove (36%).

One half support Ontario’s doctors in fee dispute

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One half support Ontario’s doctors in their fee dispute with the provincial government (49%).

Two thirds approve of marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver

| Filed under: National, Social Issues

Two thirds say marijuana dispensaries should be allowed to operate in the city (64%), while just more than a quarter think they shouldn’t be allowed (28%)

Half approve of Robertson as mayor, half don’t

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One half approve of the job Gregor Robertson is doing as mayor (50%) and one half do not (50%).

Plurality approves of single game betting

| Filed under: Ontario, Social Issues

The plurality, close to 4-in-10, approve of single game betting (as opposed to three game betting allowed now - 37%).