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Just half satisfied with Canadian democracy

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Just more than half said they were satisfied with how democracy works in Canada (56%), and just one seventh are "very satisfied" (16%).

One in seven use electronic cigarettes

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1-in-7 had ever used an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette (15%).

Federal Liberal vote up sharply

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More than 4-in-10 will now vote Liberal (41%) if the election were held today, up sharply from just more than a third, (36%) in November. In the meantime, the Conservative vote share, one third, has not changed (33% in November and now).

As many as 3-in-10 women may have been raped

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Close to one fifth of women have been sexually assaulted or raped (17%), and a further one eighth decline to answer the question (12%), for a total of 3-in-10 women who may have been raped (29%).

Liberals, PCs tied in Ontario

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Exactly equal proportions, just more than a third, will vote PC or Liberal if a provincial election were held today (37% each).

Uber ride-sharing app strongly preferred to taxis by users

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One tenth had used the Uber mobile ride-sharing app (12%).

Ranked ballot strongly preferred to First Past the Post

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Two thirds approve of a ranked ballot in municipal elections (64%) compared to fewer than half who approve of the current First Past the Post system (45%).

Two thirds agree with Iraq mission and goals

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Roughly two thirds approve the mission to fight ISIS in Iraq and agree that ISIS must be confronted overseas, that the Islamic State is a direct threat to Canada and that new anti-terrorism laws are needed in Canada.

Minority expect Ebola outbreak in Canada

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One quarter think an Ebola outbreak is likely in Canada, but just one twentieth say it's "very likely" (6%).

Conservatives catch up to Liberals

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Just more than one third will vote Liberal if the election were held today (36%), while just one third will vote Conservative (33%), and this is a virtual tie at this sample size.