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Majority thinks Canada in a recession

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Close to 6-in-10 see the country as being in a recession (58%), while 1-in-3 do not (29%) and one tenth don’t have an opinion (13%).

Two thirds want Canada Pension Plan expanded

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Two thirds agree that Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions and benefits should be increased (65%).

Majority likely to switch vote to see senate abolished

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The majority (56%) say they are likely to switch their usual vote to support a party or politician who promises to abolish the Senate, and more than a third say they are “very likely” to do so (36%).

Pan Am Games have caused no disruptions: two thirds

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Just more than one third say the Pan Am Games have caused disruptions in their daily lives (38%), and among this group, just one fifth say the disruptions were very serious (21%, or about 8% of total Toronto adults).

Federal NDP leads by 7 points

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More than one third will vote for the New Democrats if the federal election were held today (34%), while just more than one quarter would vote for either the Conservatives or the Liberals (27% each).

Four in ten carry personal debt

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Just more than 4-in-10 carry personal debt (besides a mortgage - 42%). Close to half have no debt (48%).

Majority, including union members, approve of Bill C-377

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Two thirds (62%) approve of Bill C-377, the legislation which requires unions to disclose expenditures and salaries.

Federal Conservatives surge; tied with NDP

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Exactly equal proportions, one third each, will vote for the New Democrats or the Conservatives (32% each) if a federal election were held today.

Majority oppose public funding for Catholic schools

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More than half disagree that Catholic schools should continue to receive public funding (51%).

Ontario voters are split on support for teachers

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Equal proportions, more than a third, support the teachers (36%) or the government (38%) in the ongoing labour strife by the OSSTF.