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High approval for Chief Blair as he exits

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6-in-10 approve of Toronto’s outgoing police chief, Bill Blair (61%), and the majority (56%) say he was either ‘one of the best” (18%) or a “good police chief” (38%).

Liberals and NDP remain tied in Sudbury

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Equal proportions, about a third or just less, will vote for the Liberal candidate (formerly NDP MP) Glenn Thibeault (33%) or the NDP candidate, Suzanne Shawbonquit (30%).

Clear majority want Fennell charged with municipal fraud

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Fully 7-in-10 agree former Mayor Susan Fennell should be charged with municipal fraud for her part in the city hall spending scandal (70%).

High approval for Crombie as mayor

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Close to three quarters approve of the job Bonnie Crombie is doing as mayor (72%) and this puts her close to Hazel McCallion levels of approval.

More than half want prostitution legalized

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More than half believe prostitution should be legal for sex trade workers and their clients (54%).

Liberals and NDP tied in Sudbury

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Relatively equal proportions of voters, about 4-in-10, will vote either for the Liberal candidate, Glenn Thibeault (40%) or the NDP candidate, Suzanne Sawbonquit (42%).

Instagram tops in user satisfaction

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While Facebook has the most users of the top social media platforms, it is Instagram which garners the highest customer satisfaction scores. Among the platforms tested, LinkedIn has grown the most in popularity over the past two years.

Liberals with modest lead on Conservatives

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Just more than a third (37%) will vote Liberal if a federal election were held today, while one third will vote Conservative (33%).

Fewer than a fifth smoke cigarettes in Ontario

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Just fewer than one fifth say they currently smoke cigarettes (18%), one third say they used to but have since quit (35%) while close to half have never smoked (47%).

Many feel Christmas is under seige

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Virtually every Ontarian polled celebrates Christmas (94%), including those who are not Christian (62%) and the non-religious (95%).