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Canada has enough problems without refugees, say those opposed

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One half are opposed because “we have enough problems in this country already” (49%), while about one third each oppose the plan because “refugees are a terrorist threat” (39%) or because they object to the cost of the exercise (35%).

One tenth have donated to refugee relief, one quarter plan to

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One tenth have already donated money or goods to refugee relief (9%), and a further one quarter plan to do so in the future (23%).

Canadians support refugee resettlement by slim margin

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Just less than half support the government’s plan to resettle thousands of refugees over the next few months in Canada (48%).

Forum Poll™ accurately predicts Newfoundland and Labrador election

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Forum’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) polling methodology again proves to be a precise tool for measuring public opinion, accurately predicting that the Liberals would form a majority government.

Majority disagree with cancelling Brampton LRT

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The majority disagree with council’s decision to cancel the LRT along Hurontario Street (52%).

Liberals hold steady in Newfoundland and Labrador

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Just more than one half will vote Liberal (54%), while 3-in-10 (31%) will vote for the Progressive Conservatives.

Liberals lead cut to 23 points

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Just more than half will vote Liberal (52%), while about 3-in-10 will vote Progressive Conservative (29%).

Majority approve end of carding

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More than half approve of the provincial's government's decision to ban carding (55%), while 3-in-10 disapprove of this decision (29%).

One half oppose ending Syria mission, admitting refugees

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One half disagree Canada should end its bombing mission against ISIS in the Mideast (51%) and an identical proportion disapprove of the federal government’s plan to settle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada (51%).

One quarter have had flu shot, one third to get it

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One quarter had already received a flu shot (25%) and one third were planning to get one (33%).